Cynthia Foley

A 52-year-old Putnam County woman wanted on an outstanding warrant by Hancock County authorities was taken into custody in Baldwin County on Sunday in connection with the warrant, and for illegal drug possession, local authorities say.

The woman was identified as Cynthia Denise Foley, of the 100 block of Flat Rock Road, Eatonton, according to an incident report filed by Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Jerome Roberts.

Foley was charged with Violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act for possession of methamphetamine, records show. She was also arrested on a felony probation violation warrant out of Hancock County.

Roberts said he received a telephone call from an off-duty probation officer who informed him that she had seen one of her probationers walking along North Jefferson Street near Ivey Weaver Drive. The probationer told the deputy that the woman had an outstanding warrant.

The deputy later spotted the woman walking along North Jefferson Street near Log Cabin Road.

Roberts said he informed Foley of the warrant against her in the neighboring county. The deputy later arrested Foley after he confirmed with a dispatcher that she was wanted by the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office.

Before the suspect was placed into the backseat of a patrol car, Roberts said he asked Foley if she had anything illegal, and she reportedly said no, according to the incident report.

Foley was placed into the patrol car and the deputy proceeded to take her to the Baldwin County Law Enforcement Center.

“While en route to the jail, Foley began to look extremely nervous and began furtive movements in my backseat,” Roberts said in his report. “I then turned my rearview mirror so I could get a better look at Foley.”

 The deputy said once he did such, Foley moved over in the seat so that she could no longer be seen in the rearview mirror. 

Roberts said he radioed dispatch to let them know that he was going to stop the patrol car along the shoulder of the roadway to check and see if the suspect was taking something illegal and placing it into the rear seat.

While stopped in the 1900 block of North Jefferson Street, Deputy Lt. Lee Williamson and Deputy Chanda Hogan pulled up and rendered assistance.

Roberts said he later received verbal consent from Foley to search her backpack.

During the search, Roberts said he removed an open package of chewing gum. Inside the open package of gum, the deputy said he found a plastic Ziploc bag that contained suspected methamphetamine.

Roberts said Foley told him it was “old” and that she had forgotten it was in there.

The suspect was later taken to jail.

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