Down South Mary

Lyssa Williams has always had a passion for cooking. The 38-year-old Milledgeville native grew up watching her grandmother cook delicious meals and that made her fall in love with preparing food. After her grandmother’s passing in 2021, Williams decided to carry on her legacy and became a licensed caterer. 

Located at 200 Southside Dr. SE in Milledgeville, DownSouthWMary Catering LLC offers a wide range of food options for customers. Born and raised in the area, Williams thought it would be perfect to open her catering business locally and offer “some good ole' down south cooking.” 

Williams said as a trained chef, she can bring a little bit of everything to the table. 

“Not only do I dabble in American food, I can bring you food from all around the world,” she said. 

Williams says that Egusi soup with FuFu, potatoes, salads and Korean fried chicken are among her most popular dishes. She said she also plans to add to her menu. The business is available to cater for any sort of occasion or event. Catering arrangements with DownSouthWMary Catering LLC start at $250. There are also individual food plates available, with prices starting at $13. 

Williams said that the process of building DownSouthWMary Catering LLC would not have been possible without God and a lot of work and patience.

When asked Williams what makes DownSouthWMary Catering LLC unique, she said with pride that she is what makes the business stand out. 

“If you know me, then you know I’m the best.”

In the time that DownSouthWMary Catering LLC has been open, Williams said she has been thankful for the community response. 

“The community has been very supportive, and bookings are already filling up fast,” Williams said. 

Additionally, she mentioned that she is connecting with a nonprofit organization that is helping her start a camp for kids and to help feed the community by opening up a free kitchen. 

She said her work is both exciting and motivating. 

“I love creative things,” she said. “So making different items, it's entertaining for me.”

DownSouthWMary Catering LLC is open Monday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Search for the business on Instagram @DownSouthWMary to view some of Williams’ creations.

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