Heather Dickey

Heather Dickey, a real estate agent with a reality firm in Milledgeville, talks about the importance of women voting during interview outside the Baldwin County Board of Registrars Office in Milledgeville on Tuesday morning. 

Heather Dickey strongly believes that women should vote in America and on election see their votes count.

She exercised her right to vote during advanced voting Tuesday at the new Baldwin County Government Complex, off North Columbia Street in Milledgeville.

Dickey, a local real estate agent with a national realty firm, decided to wear a white dress and hat like many DAR members across the n

ation as a way of commemorating the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

“This year marks 100 years that women have been allowed to vote in America, and we all believe that’s cause for celebration,” Dickey said. “It’s 100 percent important for women to get out and vote, whether it’s in-person or by absentee ballot.”

Dickey said she believes it’s so important for women to vote because so many of the things that are changing in America directly affect women.

“DAR chapters everywhere strongly encourage women to get out and vote,” Dickey said, noting DAR chapters are non-political in their beliefs.

There’s also a woman on the presidential ballot, she noted. 

“There has never been a female libertarian candidate running for president before,” Dickey said, noting that’s how much things have changed in recent years when it comes to women running for various elected offices.

Dickey agreed that many changes have taken place through the years when it comes to the women’s movement in America.

“Our great grandmothers fought for our right to vote in this country and I think we, as women, should get out and vote in every election,” said Dickey, who is married and the mother of three children.

She said it’s important to democracy.

Dickey, who serves as chaplain of the local DAR chapter, said she believes when women vote that they experience democracy in action.

Women are making tremendous strides in all kinds of fields today, even in the nation’s space program, Dickey said.

“We’re going to have our first woman astronaut to go up to Mars in a few months,” Dickey said. “I think that’s kind of cool. So, a lot of things have changed for women over the last 100 years and I think women are going to continue to accomplish a lot more during this century.”

The Nancy Hart Daughters of the American Revolution Chapter has 68 members. The group is comprised of women from Milledgeville and Baldwin County, as well as Putnam and Jones counties.

Hart was a soldier during the Revolutionary War.

“She was really cool,” Dickey said. “That’s why we picked a woman to name our DAR chapter. A lot of DAR chapters are named after men. “She was a gun-toting, big red-haired woman.”

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