Simple Solutions Pool & Spa

Simple Solutions Pool & Spa provides comprehensive pool care needs including liner replacements, water maintenance and repairs.

As the temperatures heat up in the coming days, residents will look ahead for ways to have some summer fun. For many, that includes days spent splashing and lounging in a swimming pool. That means it is a busy time of year for Brian Evans and his crew. 

Evans started Simple Solutions Pool & Spa in 2007. He had worked for several years as a mechanic and cleaning pools was a side job. That side job soon grew into a full-time business venture. In 2015, he and business partner Steven Calhoun opened Simple Solutions’ retail location at 2763 N. Columbia St. in Milledgeville. These days, Evans and Calhoun, along with their staff, are busy providing comprehensive pool services for their numerous loyal customers throughout the area.

“We provide anything with a pool from A to Z,” said Evans. “We build pools, we remodel pools, we service pools, we maintain pools and we have a retail location.”

Simple Solutions operates with two dedicated crews. Calhoun and his team focus primarily on pool maintenance services such as cleaning, checking and maintaining chemical levels in customers’ pools and general upkeep. Evans heads up the construction crew responsible for building, remodeling and repairs.

“We have a crew that does nothing but maintain pools,” said Evans. “On the construction side, we’re either remodeling pools, building pools, installing liners, working on pumps, filters, whatever may need to be fixed on a pool.”

Simple Solutions makes it a priority to use quality brand products for all aspects of the business. 

“Tara Liners is our No. 1 selling liner. I like them because of the customer service that their company offers,” said Evans. “In my opinion, they’re just a lot better liner.”

Other product lines offered by Simple Solutions include GLI pool liners, Adirondack spas and the GLB pool chemical product line.

For those looking for a more affordable option for adding a backyard pool, Simple Solutions sells and installs above ground pools from such brands as Optimum and Mika. This option has proven particularly popular this spring.

“Since COVID-19 started, I’ve sold about 14,” said Evans of the store’s above ground pool options.

The beginning of the pandemic sparked a mixed effect on business operations at Simple Solutions. 

“It has definitely impacted our walk-in business at the retail location. We’ve been on curbside service since all of this started,” said Evans, adding that he hopes to reopen the store to customers soon, albeit with a limited number allowed inside at one time.

While the retail store operations were somewhat hindered during the spring and some shipments saw slight delays due to supply chain issues, other aspects of the business have boomed during the pandemic.

“As far as the maintenance and repair and construction side of things, I think COVID-19 made the pool business kick off and into high gear a little bit early because people were stuck at home and they got to thinking about their pools,” explained Evans.

With the shipments returning to a normal schedule and the imminent reopening of the retail store, Simple Solutions is prepared to handle everything customers need during their busiest season. The store sells a variety of pool chemicals and accessories, and pool owners can always make sure their water is in optimal condition by bringing water samples to the store for testing.

“We do free water testing,” said Evans. “We sell anything that’s needed to keep that water in balance.”

In a climate that is perfect for several months of good swimming weather each year, Simple Solutions keeps busy tending to their loyal customers’ needs. When asked what sets his business apart, Evans had one simple answer.

“Our customer service,” said Evans.

Evans is grateful to all of those who put their trust in him, Calhoun and their crews. 

“Our customers are what make us who we are,” said Evans.

Simple Solutions Pool & Spa is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. and on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Simple Solutions Pool & Spa

2763 N. Columbia St., Ste. D, Milledgeville

478-452-POOL (7665)

Facebook: Simple Solutions Pool & Spa LLC

Hours: Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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