A Baldwin County man and his wife involved in an apparent domestic disturbance Monday night at their residence were both taken to jail on criminal charges, local authorities say.

Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Joshua Holcomb identified the couple as Jason Evans Tollison, 34; and Ticia Elizabeth Waller, 31, both of 172 Torrance Road, Milledgeville.

Tollison was charged with one count of felony aggravated battery, while Waller was charged with one count of misdemeanor battery under the Georgia Family Violence Act, jail records show.

Tollison and Waller later were taken to the Baldwin County Law Enforcement Center and jail on those charges, Holcomb said in his report.

The incident led to Waller receiving a broken nose and being taken to the emergency department of Navicent Health Baldwin hospital in Milledgeville for treatment. She wasn’t taken to jail until after she was treated for her injury.

Holcomb said as he was en route to the residence, he was informed by a dispatcher that the dispute had turned physical, according to the incident report. The deputy said he also learned that the man reportedly involved in the altercation had left the residence and had gone to another nearby residence.

Holcomb said when he got to the residence where the altercation had taken place that he talked with Waller about what had happened.

The deputy said it was immediately apparent to him that Waller had what he described as “a substantial facial injury.”

Holcomb said the front of Waller’s shirt was covered in blood and her nose physical disfigured.

Waller told the deputy that the physical altercation stemmed from an argument.

The couple had been in the kitchen of their residence when the argument erupted, Waller told Holcomb.

Waller said her husband grabbed a decorative frame from a wall and slammed it into the stove top, which caused it to shatter.

Waller said she backed away when her husband walked toward her. She ended up backing into a living room wall.

Holcomb said Waller told him that as Tollison got closer to his wife, she tried to push him away so he wouldn’t push her into the wall.

While pinned against the wall, Waller said her husband made several threats toward her before he ended up punching her in the face.

Afterward, Waller said she managed to get away and ran outside where she called 911 for help.

The deputy said he talked with another person at the residence who said although he didn’t witness the altercation, he heard Tollison tell Waller several times to get away from him.

Holcomb said he later went to a nearby residence where he talked with Tollison about what had happened.

The deputy said he noticed some slight red marks on the right side of his face and around his neck.

Tollison reportedly gave a similar account of the events that took place between him and his wife, Holcomb said.

The deputy said Tollison claimed that Waller was the primary aggressor in the incident and that she had attacked him.

Tollison said he was hit in the head several times and that Waller also tried to choke him, Holcomb said in his report. The man said he pushed Waller off him. He said he couldn’t remember striking Waller, but that it was entirely possible that he did during the struggle.

Holcomb said Tollison had been cooperative with him until he attempted to place him in the rear seat of his patrol car.

The deputy said when he asked Tollison to take a seat in the patrol car that Tollison told him he didn’t want to give him any problems, but that he wasn’t big on the idea of going to jail.

Holcomb said it led to him having to threaten to deploy OC spray in order to gain compliance from Tollison.

While en route to the jail, Holcomb said Tollison stated he was about to nut-up.

Holcomb said he later talked with Waller and informed her of what his investigation had uncovered. The deputy said he also told her she was being charged as a result of the incident that had taken place earlier at the couple’s residence.

The deputy said he was unable to establish a sole primary aggressor.




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