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Milledgeville City Council is expected to look into the possibility of approving an Intergovernmental Agreement with the Baldwin County Board of Commissioners pertaining to the nearly 1,700-acre tract of land that city and county officials purchased jointly for a mega industrial site.

Commissioners held a special called meeting last week and adopted the IGA. Both city and county officials must approve the IGA, and city officials had planned to amend their city council agenda last Tuesday night to discuss adopting it.

“Unfortunately, even though we started our work session 30 minutes early at 5 p.m., the agenda was so full that there was not enough time to discuss the changes made to the proposed IGA by the county prior to our regular meeting,” Milledgeville City Manager Barry Jarrett told The Union-Recorder in an email Monday afternoon.

The IGA proposal involves the transfer of mega industrial site property and payment of bonds to The Development Authority of Milledgeville and Baldwin County, according to a copy of the document.

Already, city and county officials, along with Development Authority officials, have entered into an intergovernmental contract involving revenue bonds related to the mega site, located in southern Baldwin County, known as the Sibley-Smith property.

The agreement went into effect Dec. 1, 2015. It relates to the Development Authority’s taxable industrial development revenue bonds.

The proposed IGA now confronting city officials deals with an amendment to the 2015 agreement. Such an amendment pertains to the revenue bond agreement to provide for payment of the Development Authority’s outstanding taxable industrial development revenue bonds, according to documents.

“The city and county are each authorized to levy taxes, and to expend tax monies and other available funds,” a portion of the document reveals.

Jarrett said he anticipates that city council will discuss the proposed agreement at its regularly scheduled council meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 23.

“It may also be that this is an item we can discuss at our mediation session on Wednesday, should the mayor and council have any questions or need further clarification of the changes proposed by the county,” Jarrett said, referring to the mediation slated for later this week.

City and county officials are to convene Wednesday for a mediation session in an effort to finalize a service delivery strategy agreement. Service delivery has been in negotiations for the past several months between city and county leaders, but after requesting deadline extensions in hopes of reaching an agreement, negotiations on finalizing a deal have reached an impasse. 

A mediator is scheduled to assist city and county officials Wednesday in helping them settle issues and finalize a service delivery strategy an agreement. 





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