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The City of Milledgeville has issued an emergency water conservation request for all customers served by the City’s Water and Sewer utility. The City has determined that system-wide water conservation measures are needed, at this time, due to the system experiencing issues with a high service pump at the City’s Water Treatment facility. This issue may cause widespread water pressure loss.

While the emergency conservation notice is in effect, all water system customers are asked to please refrain from the following:

  • Outside water use in any capacity or volume
  • No filling of swimming pools
  • No watering of garden’s, lawns or washing cars (Commercial car washes using recycling techniques may continue to operate.)

The recommendation for indoor water conservation is as follows:

  • Please try to condense loads of laundry
  • Reduce showering times
  • Turn water off when brushing teeth or shaving.
  • Make sure all faucets are turned off
  • Dishwashers are full to minimize loads

Voluntarily following this conservation request will make it less probable that complete water pressure will be lost. This request remains in effect until further notice by the City of Milledgeville.

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