Cora Mildred Mason

A Milledgeville caregiver was arrested last week on felony criminal charges stemming from incidents involving an 87-year-old woman, local authorities say.

The suspect was identified as Cora Mildred Mason, 62, of the 100 block of Merry Drive, according to an incident report filed by Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Jeffrie Veal.

Mason, who was taken into custody Thursday, was charged with one count of exploitation and intimidation of an elder person and battery, records show. She was taken to the Baldwin County Law Enforcement Center where she was jailed.

The deputy said in her report that the incidents happened between 1 p.m. last Wednesday at 1 p.m. and 11 a.m. Thursday. At the time, Mason was working as an employee with Primecare, Home Care Services, according to the report.

Veal said she received a call to go to a residence on Vinson Highway last Thursday to investigate a case involving possible elder abuse and battery.

The deputy said she talked with the victim’s daughter as well as a manager with Primecare.

An in-home security surveillance camera captured the incidents.

Veal said when the victim’s daughter arrived home last Wednesday she discovered that her mother was on the floor. The caregiver reportedly said the elderly victim had slid off the sofa when as she was attempting to get up to go to the restroom. The woman said her mother refused to allow the caregiver to assist in getting her up off the floor.

The victim’s daughter said she thought that odd so she and her husband decided to review the in-home security surveillance footage.

The video recording captured water being thrown into the elderly victim’s face and Mason reportedly yelling and shaking her finger in the face of the woman she was supposed to be caring for, according to the victim’s daughter.

“You can clearly see the victim retreating as much as possible on the sofa,” Veal said in the incident report. “Then, Mason pushes a card table away from in front of (the victim) and slaps her several times across the face. It appears that Mason continues to yell at (the victim) and then she reaches over and grabs (the victim) by the shoulder and arm and pulls her in an upward manner.”

The deputy said once Mason almost got the victim into a standing position, she turned her loose.

“It appears that Mason stumbles and (the victim) slides down to the floor,” Veal said in her report.

Mason reportedly staggered over the victim, walked in front her, and attempted to pull her by the arms, the deputy added.

“Mason continues to pull (the victim) across the floor by the arms,” Veal said. “She finally lets go of (the victim’s) hands and walks away and out of the room.”

The video shows that from the beginning of the incident until the victim’s daughter came home and discovering her mother on the floor spanned from 2:54 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

“The entire video appears to have begun around 2 p.m.” Veal said.

The deputy said the manager of Primecare would provide authorities with a copy of the video and a written report to support the incident report that was filed.

Mason was taken into custody at the scene.

Veal said Capt. Brad King, who heads the sheriff’s office criminal investigations division, was informed about the incidents. Detectives Robert Butch and Reid White have been involved in following up on the investigation.   


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