Call Me M.i.S.T.E.R

GC Call Me M.i.S.T.E.R. director Dr. Emmanuel Little (left), a couple of his current M.i.S.T.E.R.s and Georgia Power education coordinator Wayne Grimes (right) pose for a photo to celebrate the ongoing relationship between the power company and the education diversity program.

For a third straight year, Georgia Power has granted funds to a unique Georgia College education program that seeks to make the teaching field more diverse.

GC Call Me M.i.S.T.E.R. (mentors instructing students toward effective role models) was given $10,000 by the power company to further its mission of promoting education as a viable career field to minority males. The program does so by offering cohort members scholarship and mentorship opportunities to help them on their way to an undergraduate degree in a teaching or a related field. Dr. Emmanuel Little, director of GC M.i.S.T.E.R., said the latest donation from the power company will help further that mission.

“Any type of support we get from donors is important, but this is really instrumental for our program because it’s going to allow us to continue to offer the scholarships that have been so beneficial for these M.i.S.T.E.R.s,” Little said. “It can also help support our Rising M.i.S.T.E.R. Academy that we do every summer. This type of program takes a significant amount of resources, so anytime you have a Georgia Power or any other organization or individual that wants to give, whether it’s time, effort or funding, it makes a difference. It really does. That’s what it means to be a true architect of change, in my opinion.” 

This year marks the third donation from Georgia Power to the GC education program, bringing the cumulative total to $25,000. Wayne Grimes, an education coordinator with Georgia Power, was on hand Wednesday to present the $10,000 check.

“We are all in this together,” Grimes said. “As we work to improve education around the state of Georgia it allows us to develop the next leaders and the next workforce. That makes Georgia more attractive for businesses to come so we can continue to be the No. 1 state to do business.”

GC Call Me M.i.S.T.E.R. has eight students in the current cohort at different points along their college journeys. One way Little works to recruit prospects is through the summer Rising M.i.S.T.E.R. Academy, a weeklong experience that brings high school students on campus where they get a glimpse at what an education career looks like.  

“We’re continuously trying to grow the program,” said Little. “We’re looking forward to the Rising M.i.S.T.E.R. Academy again this summer. We’re currently accepting applications for both the Call Me M.i.S.T.E.R. program and the Rising M.i.S.T.E.R. Academy as well.”

For more information on Call Me M.i.S.T.E.R. or the Rising M.i.S.T.E.R. Academy, email Little at 

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