Baldwin BOE

Including a roll back of close to one whole mill, the Baldwin County Board of Education approved the FY23 millage rate of 14.44 at a called meeting Tuesday.

Last year’s millage rate was 15.29. According to the 2022 county tax digest, total school taxes levied comes to $18.83 million, which is a 10.77% increase from last year, or $1.83 million.

The millage rate for the Baldwin County Board of Education has decreased every year since 2018, when the rate was 15.65 per the 5 Year History of Levy. Items taxed by the board of education include real and personal property, motor vehicles, mobile homes and heavy duty equipment.

School Superintendent Dr. Noris Price and board chairman John Jackson commented during the meeting that the Baldwin School District is an operation larger than even Baldwin County. While there are tough decisions coming in the future in regards to positions and federal CARES Act funds soon to run out, a last resort is to increase taxes.


Dr. Price said the district is monitoring the progress of Hurricane Ian in the Gulf of Mexico. She said as of Tuesday there were still uncertainties about when the storm system will have its greatest impact in the Baldwin area, only that is expected to be sometime Friday. Dr. Price said any decision about the remainder of the school week would be made no later than Thursday morning.

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