John Mott

A 60-year-old Baldwin County man arrested less than a year ago by local authorities on drug charges has been arrested again on similar charges.

The man was identified as John S. Mott, of the 400 block of Sparta Highway, Milledgeville, according to an incident report filed by Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Joshua Holcomb.

Mott, whose latest arrest came Thursday morning, was charged with Violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act for possession of methamphetamine and possession of a drug-related object, records show.

He faced similar charges when he was arrested last July.

After his arrest earlier this week, Mott was taken to the Baldwin County Law Enforcement Center where he was jailed.

Holcomb said in his report that he went to Mott’s residence to assist State Probation Officer David Nobles and other officers.

The deputy said the state probation officer told him he and other state officers had gone to Mott’s residence because the probationer had an outstanding criminal trespass warrant on him and they had originally intended on arresting him on the warrant, as well as for violating conditions of his probation.

Holcomb said Nobles told him that while officers were inside the residence they saw a plastic baggy containing a clear crystal-like substance on the coffee table. Another baggy of the same description was found in a pair of pants on the floor of the residence.

Also on the coffee table were several broken glass pipes with burn marks on them, Holcomb said. On the far end of the same table was a glass pipe that was intact. 

“Inside the glass pipe was a charred substance, which appeared to be the same type of substance located in the baggies,” Holcomb said in his report.

The deputy said he suspected the substance was methamphetamine and that the pipe served as an instrument to smoke the substance.


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