The Union Recorder

January 10, 2014

County successfully suppresses two fires

Kyle Collins
The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — Back-to-back nighttime fires challenged Baldwin County Fire Rescue this week.

Firefighters successfully doused a 232 CC Camp Road fire Wednesday night and an attic fire on 108 Lake View Circle late Thursday.

County Fire Chief Troy Reynolds said the CC Camp Road emergency call came at 9:46 p.m. Wednesday, while first responders where out checking for widespread county water leaks.

The residents had two vehicles parked in the “open” garage. 

“They had driven their car and gotten home about an hour later, and the dogs were barking,” Reynolds said. “The carport area was on fire.”

According to BCFR, the female at CC Camp Road reported a burning smell while riding in the vehicle earlier. 

Reynolds said the fire likely originated near the parked vehicles.

Station Nos. 4, 6 and 8 joined a backup truck from the Hardwick headquarters Wednesday because of the week's low water situation.

Firefighters cut the fire off before it entered the main structure.

“They probably got a little smoke in there but other than that it was a good stop,” the fire chief said. “We had enough manpower and equipment to shuttle the water for suppression helping in the quick knock down.”

In nearly 30 years, county fire historians don't remember responding to a fellow volunteer firefighter's home.

An 11:08 p.m. Thursday call to service at Ted Zarkowsky's Lake View Circle residence changed that. 

Zarkowsky, a county firefighter, noticed flames in the attic that evening.

The BCFR chief said he attempted to snuff out the blaze with a “couple of extinguishers.”

“He thought he knocked it down, but it came right back,” Reynolds said. “At that point he decided to get his wife and dogs out. Everyone got out safe.”

BCFR initially made an interior attack, but the fire started running the attic forcing an outside approach.

“The roof structure is pretty much burnt off,” Reynolds said.

County stations No. 6 and No. 7 with support from Milledgeville Fire Department Station No. 2 gained control after about 40 minutes of suppression.

The attic fire is under investigation. Reynolds said electrical wiring in that portion of the house is a starting point.

Zarkowsky is a volunteer at North Baldwin's Station No. 7. His wife Linda recently served as the county's finance director through 2012.