Winning ugly isn’t the worst thing in football. Georgia Military Prep School beat Harlem 13-7 on the road last week.

The Bulldogs outgained Harlem going for over 300 total yards. Despite the sloppy execution, GMC Prep head coach Brad Owens found some solace in the win.

“We almost lost. We won a close game. The good news is we have a tremendous amount of room to improve. The fact we still won is wonderful,” Owens said.

The head coach didn’t think he had the team as prepared as necessary in the opener.

“That comes back on me,” Owens said. “We have to fix it.”

GMC Prep faces region 7-A opposition in Glascock County today.

The Milledgeville team visits a 0-2 squad they defeated 28-13 last fall.

Glascock runs a consistent Wing T offense that uses misdirection and blocking angles for success.

The Bulldogs went down 13-0 in the first quarter in 2011, as they were unable to catch up to the offensive flow.

“It’s hard to simulate the offense. It took awhile to get used to it,” Owens said.

Glascock is comfortable running the 3-5-3 defense also. They love to play fast.

Owens wants his team to be able to throw when they want to instead of being dictated by the defense. GMC Prep is still working on its identity as a run first team.

Colby Lawrence and Markel Jones tallied up 140 combined yards rushing in game one, but the Bulldogs’ head coach wants to see more.

The Bulldogs aren’t in the game for style points. With smaller roster numbers, they face an uphill trek, which GMC is prepared to navigate.

“I want to be a football team that can run the football between the tackles. We need to be able to do that. Defensively, we need to tackle better and keep playing with intensity,” Owens said. “I don’t care if we score 50 or 7. I want to play the right way. I want to see us come out and play good clean football.”

For now, Rekarche Griffin is the starting quarterback. Dylan Efird remains a serviceable backup if called upon.

The Bulldogs travel to Glascock County today with kickoff at 7:30 p.m.

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