The Union Recorder

October 24, 2012

Be sure to vote for Charles Darwin on election day

The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — On Oct. 17, I attended a “town hall meeting” with Georgia U.S. Rep. Paul Collins Broun Jr. (Georgia District 10) at Georgia College. I went because Rep. Broun has made highly controversial statements, not just about modern science (claiming that the Big Bang Theory and evolution came “from the pits of Hell”), but about world history, as suggested by the Huffington Post on Nov. 10, 2008.

The town hall produced no meaningful dialogue. Congressman Broun in one hour answered five questions posed by five students selected in advance by people unknown. He spent the last five minutes answering two questions from audience members. None of the questions hinted at Congressman Broun’s controversial statements.

Representative Broun may say things others, including Republicans, will not agree with. However, an event billed as “a dialogue with Congressman Broun” should have allowed more questions from the audience. The “dialogue” was scripted, dubiously promoted and a complete waste of other people’s time.

Because of this farce, I encourage voters of the 10th Congressional District who value a free exchange of ideas to write in Charles Darwin rather than vote for the unopposed Rep. Broun in this year’s election.

Dr. William Risch

Associate Professor of History at Georgia College