Milledgeville is playing host to a truly remarkable display of artistry at the Allied Arts Marlor Arts Center, and area residents have just a little more than a week to take advantage of the opportunity to view the gifts of local artists and help harness and support their talents.

Seven local artists are a part of a traveling exhibition that hit Milledgeville earlier this month and has been made available for local public viewing through Allied Arts and the Pilot Club of Milledgeville.

The objective of the Georgia Artists with Disabilities exhibition is “to provide avenues through which Georgia artists with disabilities can display their artistic accomplishments in all disciplines of the arts, and to create public awareness of the artistic skills these artists have developed by overcoming the obstacles of their disabilities,” according to the group’s mission statement.

The local artists featured include: Latrice Cooper, Gabriel Elder, Harley Hansen, Rena Johnson, Walter Norman Jr. and Jory Wood.

The exhibition, on display through next Friday at the Marlor Arts Center, features more than 50 works in various mediums including paintings, drawings, photography, pottery, silkscreen and woodcarving.

Gallery hours are from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. each weekday.

The works were selected from a field of more than 300, which speaks volumes about their talents.

As a part of the larger picture, with much discussion throughout Milledgeville regarding establishing the local community as an arts destination for tourism enhancement, this is yet another opportunity to further develop that effort by supporting these local artists, whose works have been traveling the state representing the Milledgeville community. This is another opportunity for others outside of Milledgeville to realize and recognize these talents as well.

Adding to the interest in local art and artists, Milledgeville’s opening First Friday event of the season, called HeARTS in the Ville is set for Feb. 4, from 6 to 8 p.m., in downtown Milledgeville. Designed to feature local artists and businesses, the event will include artists and their works, live music, a storyteller, local shopping and plenty of good food. More about this upcoming event will be included in future editions.

The Marlor Center exhibition, along with the upcoming First Friday venture, denote that Milledgeville’s artistic talents know very few bounds — yet another reason to celebrate these gifts in hopes of creating even more opportunities to further the arts destination mission.

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