Move-In Day

Nearly 2,200 Georgia College students will live in seven residential halls on campus and apartments at West Campus this academic year. Volunteers will move 1,350 students, mostly first-year newcomers, into their new homes next week.

It took 30 minutes to load the car and less than three minutes for volunteers at Georgia College to empty it – getting everything upstairs safely into the student’s room. Her father called it the easiest college move ever.

Larry Christenson, executive director of University Housing, calls it “a well-oiled machine.”

Hundreds of “Cat Crew” volunteers are expected to grease that machine again from 7 to 11 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 16. The green-T-shirted marvels will move 1,350 students, mostly first-year newcomers, into what will be home for the next 10 months.

“Cat Crew’s one of the biggest volunteer efforts on a campus known for philanthropy, and it makes a great welcoming presentation,” said Christenson, who’s overseen the operation for 10 years. It’s energetic; there’s an energy out there. Without volunteers, it’d be a chaotic mess, which I’ve seen at other schools where it’s every person for themselves. Every year, we have parents say they’ve moved four, five kids into college, but they’ve never seen anything like this.”

Positive attitudes and streamlined, jaw-dropping efficiency is what keeps move-in day hassle-free. More than 400 volunteers — upperclassmen, student athletes, faculty, staff and community residents — will unload cars in the blink of an eye. They’ll scramble like ants up and down stairs multiple times with bundles of clothes, futons, TVs and refrigerators.

Nearly 2,200 students will live in seven residential halls on campus and apartments at West Campus this academic year. Some will arrive early. On Friday, Aug. 3, 170 sophomore women moved into Georgia College’s new sorority leadership, living and learning community at West Campus. From 9 to 11 a.m. today, another 450 women move in to participate in sorority recruitment activities. About 150 upperclassmen and first-year students will arrive a day early, Aug. 15, to be members of the Cat Crew.

Several Georgia College organizations send groups of 20 or more to assist. These include Wesley Foundation and Baptist Collegiate Ministries, as well as the Honors and Early College programs. Cat Crew volunteers get a free T-shirt and pizza at the end. They leave tired and sweaty but feeling great.

“Move-In Day is a very exciting time for Georgia College and the Milledgeville community,” said Matthew Terry, assistant director of marketing and communications for University Housing. “Our goal for the move-in process is that all of the students and families coming to campus have a stress-free day, so they can enjoy the experience and make memories.”

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