Youth Leadership Baldwin Participants
Graphic by Ross Couch
The Union Recorder

Baldwin County’s future business, political and community leaders will attend a reception Sunday for this year’s Youth Leadership Baldwin class.

The senior students from local high schools participating in YLB were selected for possessing leadership qualities and well-rounded characters, said program coordinator Terry Kennedy.

“The intent of this is to bring all the schools together,” Kennedy said. “What we find is that a lot of the schools have their own cliques, but after a couple of weeks in the program, they all work together.”

Students who participate in the program learn more about what career opportunities Baldwin County has to offer, Milledgeville Mayor Richard Bentley said.

“The purpose behind the program is to educate the students in an extracurricular way about their community,” he said. “Most of the young people, given their qualifications to be in the YLB, will go to college. What we would like them to do is to know as much about their community, as it relates to government and business etc., as they can so that they feel a need to come back to their community and be productive citizens.”

This year is the first year YLB has included the Education Brings Leadership and Achievement group, Kennedy said, but it won’t be the last group to be included in the leadership program.

“We realized we were missing part of the community, and we still need to bring in the homeschool community who we hope to include next year,” Kennedy said.

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