n Three Underage Students Arrested

Three college students living in Magnolia Park Apartments were arrested early Wednesday morning after officers discovered drugs while responding to a noise complaint, a Milledgeville Police Department report states.

Jessica Mobley, 20, of Bishop; Jason Cedena, 20, of Lawrenceville; and Daniel Pickett, 20, of Madison, each were charged with one count of possession of marijuana less than an ounce and underage possession of alcohol.

Officers received a call about a loud party at the apartment complex. As officers arrived at the apartment, a young man walked out the door, talking on his cell phone, a police report states. After the teen left the door open, officers reported smelling burnt marijuana, a police report states.

The officers also reported seeing Mobley light up a green and purple colored “bong.”

Mobley reportedly noticed the officers and moved away from the “bong,” Officers discovered a pipe and marijuana residue in Cedena’s room, a police report states. Two small bags of marijuana were found near Pickett, a police report states.

Baldwin County

Sheriff’s Office

n Gas drive off

A station on Georgia Hwy. 22 reported someone in a gold-colored Chevrolet Caprice drove off without paying for $43.16 of gas the driver pumped Tuesday night. A deputy did stop a vehicle that matched the description, but it was not the vehicle from the incident. The clerk did not have a physical description of the driver or the license number, a sheriff’s report states.

n Burglary

A woman reported that a burglar Tuesday broke into her Allen Memorial Drive home which is under renovation. The thief stole china and three piles of Armstrong floor tiles and damaged the blinds, a sheriff’s report states.

Milledgeville Police


n Forgery

A store on North Columbia Street reported a man tried to make a purchase Tuesday with a counterfeit $100 bill. The clerk reported that the man said he got the bill at a bank but then attempted to pay for the items with a good $20 bill. The man then reportedly left “in a hurry,” a police report states.

n Bomb threat

Someone called in a bomb threat Tuesday afternoon to Midsouth Credit Union on Hammock Road. The unidentified caller told the bank employee to “take this very seriously” and said there were bombs planted in several places around the bank. The voice of the caller was described as an older woman with a deep raspy voice. The building was evacuated immediately. Officers double searched the building along with sheriff’s deputies, but no bomb was found. The bank is checking surveillance tapes because the caller said she had been in the bank earlier in the day, a police report states.

n Vandalism

A restaurant owner on North Wayne Street reported that the air conditioning line for the restaurant had been cut sometime late Monday and early Tuesday. There have been several incidents of damage to property to this restaurant during the past few weeks, a police report states.

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