The Georgia Department of Corrections announced today the closure of the 650-bed Mens State

Prison in Milledgeville effective Dec. 1. The Department anticipates a savings of approximately

$10.3 million annually in direct operational cost.

Mens State Prison is an old 1950’s dorm that was converted to a prison in 1978. The facility is considered a

“non-enduring” infrastructure because it lacks the safety features of other state prisons and requires more staff

to secure. The facility houses medium security general population inmates, as well as those with special needs.

“While the Department will garner significant savings as a result of this closure, our first priority is to maintain

safe and secure prisons,” said Commissioner Brian Owens in a press release. “We will continue to be good stewards of public funds without jeopardizing public safety.”

Mens State Prison’s 131 staff members will be offered positions at other GDC facilities. Most positions will be

within a 50 mile radius. Staff has been aware of this impending closure for some time and this announcement

confirms the timeline. Future plans for the state-owned facility have not been determined.

The Department of Corrections is the fifth largest prison system in the United States and is responsible for

supervising nearly 60,000 state prisoners and more than 150,000 probationers. It is the largest law enforcement

agency in the state with approximately 13,000 employees.

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