The Union Recorder

June 14, 2013

Larry Turner Basketball Camps return to Milledgeville

Steven Cary
The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — In its third year, the Larry Turner Basketball Camps for aspiring players between ages 6 and 18 will take place June 17-22 in the Sinclair Baptist Church gymnasium from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day.

After strong turnouts last year, Larry Turner said he looks forward to giving back to the local youth through basketball this summer.

“I look forward to this camp every year,” he said. “I look forward to giving back to the kids.”

Unlike in previous years, Turner plans to host both the girls and boy’s camps together at one time, mirroring the structure of one of his other camps in Atlanta.

“I take a lot of things from camps overseas, and I use a lot of things I learn in my camp in Atlanta. I want it to be something exciting,” Turner said. “I try to think of something every year and try to change it and it was just a change that needed to be made. We’ll see the response and see how it goes.”

Once again Turner plans to educate campers on the newest and most effective basketball drills used by professional players.

“We’re basically having a pro camp so I’m just bringing some techniques and pro skills to give the kids and get a step up at their schools. I have a lot of knowledge I’ve picked up along the way in my seven years as a pro,” he said. “We’re doing more and focusing more on footwork skills. Basically, teaching the kids how to use their feet.”

Turner plans to teach the same drills and exercises to all campers, both young and old, to ensure that every player has the tools to continue their development in the future.

“I try to keep the camp basic, skill-wise,” he said. “To build the camp the way I want, I have to teach the little kids the same thing I teach the older kids, because I want them to grow and continue to remember what they learned. I want to keep the camp the same.”

Similar to years past, Turner plans to bring in professional players to help work with the campers in their development and speak about their experiences in getting to the pro level.

In addition to the special guests at the professional ranks, Turner also welcomes two youth organizations, Rehab Time and Ollie Lifestyle, which have partnered with the camp to mentor the young players and lead them in games.

“I always try to have some special guests come in and say hello,” Turner said. “We have some organizations coming down this year, as well as some pro basketball players.”

Attempting to keep the camps enjoyable for the campers, Turner looks forward to implementing change to allow the players to have the best experience possible.

“I try to bring in new people, new basketball drills, a new way of teaching, and keep it fun,” he said.

The current camp fee is $110 for the boys and girl’s camp, including ages 11-18, which will be held Monday through Wednesday, as well as the kid’s camp Thursday through Saturday.

Potential campers can write Turner’s professional team name, Apollon Patras, on the registration form for a waived late entry fee.

For more information and camp registration forms visit