The Union Recorder

September 25, 2013

Bulldogs prep for Wilco

Steven Cary
The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — Currently 1-2 on the season, Georgia Military Prep School looks to even out its record with a win against neighboring Wilkinson County on the road on Friday.

The Bulldogs have spent most of the last two weeks reinforcing the fundamentals and getting over minor injuries.

“It’s been productive; we’ve been able to work on some things and fine-tune some things. Last week we spent focusing on us and spent this week focusing on Wilkinson County,” Steven Simpson, head coach, said. “As far as health-wise, we’ve been able to get most everybody healthy. For the most part, all the minor bumps and bruises that were nagging — we’ve been able to get healthy.”

Simpson suggests that the Warriors will tout a strong, athletic line on both sides of the football, while their offense will rely heavily on a fast, no-huddle approach.

“Wilkinson is extremely athletic,” he said. “They’ve got decent size on the offensive and defensive line, and they run a no-huddle offense.”

GMC Prep plans to continue emphasizing its ground attack; though the Bulldogs have implemented some schemes on both offense and defense to throw Wilkinson County off on Friday night.

“We’re a little better than we’ve been in the past about controlling the football,” Simpson said. “We’ve got some things that we’ve put in, and implemented to eliminate some of the things they do well. We’ve got to limit the number of touches they get.”

Offensively, the team has run the ball well this season; however, Simpson believes the Bulldogs have struggled to finish drives.

“We’re accomplishing the goal of holding on to the football and sustaining long drives,” he said. “We’re accomplishing the goal of hanging on to the football, but we’re not finishing the drive. We’re doing what we want to do, but we’re not finishing it.”

Simpson admits his offensive and defensive lines will be the deciding factor, as the offensive line has allowed GMC Prep to average more than 200 yards a contest.

“Our offensive and defensive lines have been playing extremely well. We’ve been averaging about 260 yards on offense and holding our opponents to around 200 yards, and that’s our goal,” he said. “We feel like that’s largely because of how they’ve been playing. If they play well, we feel like we’ve got a chance.”

GMC Prep will take on the Warriors Friday on the road with the opening kickoff at 7:30 p.m.