The Union Recorder

January 3, 2013

Former BHS standout makes impact at Middle Ga. College

Steven Cary
The Union-Recorder


Former Baldwin High standout on the football field and basketball court, Roshaun Milline is making a name for himself as a freshman at Middle Georgia College in Cochran.

Since arriving on campus, Milline has earned ample playing time and is currently averaging 15 points a game coming off the bench for the Warriors, currently sitting at 8-1 on the season.

“I’m just staying focused, staying positive, and whatever the coach wants me to do I’m going to do it,” Milline said. “Whatever the team needs me to do I’m willing to do it.”

As an impact player at MGC, Milline has had to adapt to a new style of play and a faster pace.

“Pretty much, one of the biggest adjustments is staying focused. The biggest adjustment is running up and down the court,” he said. “The difference between high school and college is the speed. I had to get adjusted to the speed and all that.”

Milline has put in numerous hours working on his game in order to compete at the collegiate level, as he suggests it is a lot like having a job.

“You have to stay working hard,” he said. “In college, it’s almost like having a job. If you don’t show up to your job on time, you’ll pretty much get cut.”

Not only is punctuality important, so is work ethic, something Milline credits to his early success with the Warriors.

“There’s a lot of good competition,” he said. “Each and every day there’s good competition on the team and at practice, so every day you have to show up.”

While the star freshman is excelling at the next level, his focus hasn’t always been on basketball. Before the beginning of his senior year, Milline had more schools recruiting him for football; however, things changed when he got injured during the season.

Grateful for the change in direction, Milline admits he loves basketball and enjoys the team aspect of the game.

“It’s everything,” he said. “Practice, games, just working hard and making me and my team better.”

A criminal justice major at MGC, Milline suggests that the biggest thing he had to adjust to was the class schedule, going from a full day of classes to only have a few classes a day.

Milline also believes time management has helped him be successful in his first semester as a student-athlete at the collegiate level.

“Getting to college, I had to get adjusted to the school thing,” he said. “The biggest thing is time management. When I get an assignment, I just need to go ahead and do it.”

Currently in the middle of his season, Milline will look to continue to make a positive impact for the MGC Warriors this season and serve as an example to prospective college basketball players in Baldwin County.