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October 19, 2012

Sealey is JMA's game changer

Kyle Collins
The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — JMA added a few pieces before the start of the football season. Perhaps none are as fun to watch as senior Chris Sealey. 

He posted four catches for 119 yards and two touchdowns last Friday earning him Athlete of the Week honors. 

Trojan head coach J.T. Wall said Sealey is a threat wherever he lines up. 

“He (Sealey) is a game changer. Anytime he touches it, he could go the distance,” Wall said. 

Sealey can run precise routes and block downfield. Above all, Wall likes that he is coachable.  

“He loves being coached. He does a lot of little extra things to help shape and mold his game,” the Trojan head coach said. “Chris has made us a lot better on offense and special teams.” 

Sealey has one punt return for a touchdown. As a wide out, he has 31 catches for 528 receiving yards and nine touchdowns. The senior adds 13 rushes for 57 yards and a touchdown through seven games. 

Sealey said the team welcomed him in like family. Playing with 17 other seniors is special. 

“It's been great. I felt like I fit in with the whole team. They let me come in and contribute,” Sealey said. 

The speedster was open to playing any position as long as could play. Wall praised his football knowledge and desire to win. 

“He is a player man. When he steps on the field, its business,” Wall said. That stuff spreads throughout the team. The guys see how hard he works.” 

Other teams must account for Sealey at wide receiver. Switching him to the backfield opens up chances for other offensive players. 

The senior says his return prowess is a combination of speed and vision. Being short, fast and shifty doesn't hurt either. 

“I'm not the biggest, so I can move around and get away from people,” Sealey said. 

Sealey and senior quarterback Brantley Attaway have a nice chemistry, as they both learn from each other. 

The Athlete of the Week describes himself as a focused type on and off the field. Sealey hopes to play some college ball if the situation is right.              

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