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November 9, 2013

GMC faces rival in final regular season game

Steven Cary
The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — Sporting a current No. 1 ranking in the National Junior College Athletic Association poll, Georgia Military College rapidly approaches the end of its regular season with the final game slated for Sunday afternoon in Blacksburg, Va. on the campus of Virginia Tech against end-of-season rival, Lackawanna College.

With the Sunday game, GMC head coach Bert Williams and the Bulldogs have enjoyed a full week of practice before the team’s match-up with the Falcons.

“What it allows you to do is not lose a day with the traveling,” Williams said. “This way we are able to kind of keep everything the way we normally do it.”

The 10-0 Bulldogs will take on a strong opponent in Lackawanna, despite the Falcons’ 4-5 record this season.

“They’re plenty good. Their record is as it is, not because they are talented, but because they found ways to make mistakes,” Williams said. “That’s backward because usually they find ways to win games.”

GMC faces an offense this weekend that has run the ball consistently well over the years, something Williams believes will be the strength of their game on Sunday.

“They’ve always hung their hat on being able to run the ball well,” he said. “They’ve got a big, thick, strong offensive line and they’ve got a tailback running the ball behind him that can be a game changer. What they do is they keep plays alive.”

The confident head coach suggests the Bulldogs’ defense is focused on shutting down the running game and winning the battle up front.

“We’re concerned about doing the things the right way with the guys up front and containing that tailback in the backfield,” Williams said.

Defensively, GMC will continue to develop its passing game, as the Falcons bring lots of pressure to stop the run.

“They’re going to commit seven guys in the box on defense to try and stop the run, which makes sense,” Williams said. “I’m sure they will look at our numbers and our production and say we’re going to make you beat us in the air.”

Going into Sunday’s game, Williams admits the number one priority is eliminating mistakes.

“We just got to go out there and protect the football and take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves,” he said.

Sunday’s game will be a heated matchup between the two teams, as the contest will be Lackawanna’s final game of the season.

“It’s going to be an emotional game for us, both because it’s become a pretty heated rivalry over the years and for them this is their last shot. There is no bowl game on the horizon for them,” Williams said. “We told the kids all week that it’s going to be as physical of a game they’ve played all year. They’re going to be trying to take us out of contention to play for a national championship, and we’re going to be fighting to give us that opportunity to play for a national championship.”

GMC and Lackawanna kick off at 1 p.m. on Sunday, with a live webcast catching all of the action for Bulldog fans at

Click on the link below for the live webcast of Sunday's game: