The Union Recorder

August 22, 2013

Sheriff’s office offers tips for preventing auto break-ins

Felicia Cummings
The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — With a recent increase in local auto break-ins local law enforcement officials are offering residents advice on how to keep their vehicles safe and secure. 

Earlier this week, Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office deputies were dispatched to three separate locations in the Allenwood subdivision in reference to automobile break-ins. Other break-ins have been reported on Allenwood Road, Hickory Drive, Sycamore Road and Maplewood Road. 

Capt. Brad King with the sheriff’s office said residents can help keep their vehicles safe from potential thieves by simply locking their vehicles first and foremost.

Although residents may feel safe within their neighborhood, low crime neighborhoods are the main targets for car thieves. 

“Even though you feel safe enough to leave your car unlocked in your yard or at your home, it’s best to keep it locked,” said King. “Criminals figure because it’s a relatively safe neighborhood, you’re less likely to lock your car.” 

Most car break-ins happen because the subject is looking for a specific item he or she has already seen within the victim’s vehicle, such as a handgun or money. King advises residents not to leave firearms in their vehicles. 

“Most recovered firearms have been taken from a victim’s vehicle rather than from their home,” said King. “The rate of stolen firearms in Baldwin County is too high. Even if you conceal the firearm in your glove compartment, word of mouth spreads and someone has targeted your vehicle.” 

Do not leave expensive items such as jewelry or electronic devises in vehicles unless they are placed out of sight, he said. 

Thieves usually do a quick survey of the vehicle before deciding to break in. If there is nothing in plain view that is worth stealing, chances are they will move on. 

When parking a vehicle in a public place, King suggests to park where it’s well lit and in view of others.

“It’s best to park where there’s a fair amount of foot traffic and a large amount of people. This will deter a thief from attempting to break in to the car due to the large amount of witnesses around.”

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