The Union Recorder

December 12, 2013

Parents urge parents to boost technology

Vaishali Patel
The Union-Recorder


Creekside Elementary School parent Danielle Fields hopes to  increase parental involvement and equip every classroom with the needed technology to educate and prepare students for the 21st century.

Fields and a group of parents are urging fellow Creekside parents and the community to help “Deck the Classroom” by donating $20 in a  teacher’s name to help purchase interactive whiteboards  for 30 classrooms.

“This is a small project that will kick off more involvement with parents. Our specific goal is to get every classroom fitted with an interactive board,” Fields said. “Title I funds are used for technology updates across the county, so some schools get more money because they have the technology.”

Title I funds will help purchase seven boards and the PTA expects to pay for another seven. The goal of this initiative is for parents and the community to help purchase 16 interactive boards at the cost of $16,000.

“We’re trying to get Creekside up-to-date on technology. It’s always challenging, but we know our kids and they want something interactive  

because they are used to video games, iPods and iPads,” said Tracy Clark, Creekside principal. “We have a few rooms with the interactive whiteboards, and all of the rooms have projectors, which the PTA provided. We are in the age of budget cuts, but so far we’ve had a pretty good response and we would love to keep it going. We want to  

bring our kids up to the 21st century learning and make sure they’re college and career ready.”

Sherri Thornton, a Creekside third grade reading, writing and language arts teacher, said she has used her Promethean board everyday for the  

past two years and is still learning of countless ways to engage students in the curriculum.

“I can write on it, put up worksheets, graphic organizers, flip charts, move things around to categorize it and show things in 3-D. We can also play games and it’s great for review,” she said. “It was overwhelming when we first got the board. There’s a lot of untapped things in there and I’m using it more and more. The children really  

love it and get excited. It allows them to receive more hands-on learning.”

Third grade science and social studies teacher Kendall Castillo is grateful to the parents kicking off the idea.

“I never had a Promethean board before and I always wanted one, but I know it gets the kids more interested in learning and involved,” she said. “We appreciate the effort these parents are putting in at Creekside.”

To contribute to the “Deck the Classroom” project, checks can be made out to the school.

“I’m hoping to have donations in by the Christmas holidays so we can hopefully have all of the classes outfitted by the end of January. We have already started getting money from parents,” Fields said. “Teachers have expectations with standards and the boards inevitably help our kids; I’m willing to invest in a classroom if it’s going to  

help my child’s education in the long-run. I’m hoping parents will buy-in and provide teachers with the needed technology updates so we can move our students forward. The school system doesn’t change if parents don’t get involved.”

For more information about the “Deck the Classroom” initiative call Fields at 478-451-9992 or call the Creekside at 478-457-3301.