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July 19, 2013

Students improve on CRCT results

Vaishali Patel
The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — Baldwin County Schools out performed in nearly all content areas on the 2013 CRCT (Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests) compared to initial 2012 scores, according to preliminary school level results.

“When comparing 2013 system-wide CRCT performance to 2012, the percent of students meeting or exceeding the standard in all content areas increased except in the area of English, which decreased from 92 percent of the students meeting or exceeding to 91 percent,” School Superintendent Geneva Braziel said. “The greatest improvement was in the area of social studies with an 8 percent gain.”

Blandy Hills Elementary School third-graders and Creekside Elementary School fifth-graders scored higher in all content areas compared to other Baldwin County public schools according to initial results, which do not include retests or CRCT-M results.

“Our results this year on the CRCT show consistent progress, and we continue to see many students scoring in the exceeds category,” Braziel said. “This is a testament to the great work our teachers are doing to take students to higher levels of learning.”

Immediately after the initial 2013 CRCT scores were released in May, the school system identified teachers at each school and grade level who had the highest number of students to meet or exceed on the tests.

“As soon as we got our results back, we sat down and analyzed those scores and each teacher's class scores at all levels. We pulled teachers in during this summer and they became our District Change Team. We identified the best practices and strategies used in their classrooms and wrote quality units. We are really shifting away from individual lesson plans and identified district units by content and grade level so that any teacher can pick it up and teach from that unit at that grade level,” Braziel said. “Last year was our first year teaching the Common Core Standards. Now that we taught these standards, we want to go back and see where we need to improve and continue to work toward during the upcoming year.”

The CRCT consists of 30 CRCT content area tests. The initial results show an improvement on 25 of the 30 content areas for Baldwin County students compared to last year with the greatest gains seen in the following areas:

• Grade 8 math - 12.2 percentage points

• Grade 5 math - 12 percentage points

• Grade 7 social studies - 10.3 percentage points

• Grade 8 social studies - 8.6 percentage points

• Grade 3 social studies - 8.4 percentage points

• Grade 5 social studies - 8 percentage points

• Grade 6 social studies - 7.9 percentage points

• Grade 3 science- 7.9 percentage points

“At the middle school level in reading, we exceeded the state in grades six, seven and eight. In third grade, 89.1 percent of Baldwin County students met or exceeded in the area of reading on the first initial test and when retests scores are factored in, that percentage will increase. In sixth grade, 97 percent met or exceeded in reading, which means only 3 percent didn’t pass the test before retests,” Braziel said. “We’re always trying to make improvements in what we’re doing. We’ve been able to do a lot of curriculum alignment and we’re doing things a little bit different in how we assess students, our instructional component and address reading levels when students return this school year. We’re really excited about starting the school year and we have to ensure we’re addressing the level of quality professional learning and make sure we’re teaching what we need to teach.”

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