The Union Recorder

April 27, 2013

Plans to reopen Swan’s soon

Vaishali Patel
The Union-Recorder


Brian Won, son of the Swan’s owners, said customers of Swan's Dry Cleaning were given adequate notice prior to plans to close the business’ doors at its Milledgevile Mall location.

Located next to Petsense and LongHorn Steakhouse, the Milledgeville Mall property is under the management of Hull Storey Gibson. Won said after operating a successful family business for nearly 15 years, they had no intentions of closing.

“We didn’t decide to move out from the Milledgeville Mall. We just didn’t have any choice. We had a lease for the space at the Milledgeville Mall through July 31, 2013. We were good tenants paying rent every month on time, but the landlord wanted to rent our space as a part of a new pet store,” Won explained in the email. “The landlord had the right to terminate the lease early and did so. This early termination notice was brought to us around the beginning of January. We had to clear out the store by early March. We had to close the store on the last day of February to move all of our equipment out the store and clean up the place by that termination date.”

Plans are currently under way to reopen Swan’s, though a timeline is unavailable. The owners will renew their occupation tax certificate, or business license, “as soon as we are ready to operate our business again.”

Customers wishing to retrieve their items must pay for the laundering.

To pick up garments left at Swan’s, call 478-696-2110.