The Union Recorder

February 18, 2013

Father, son wanted for armed robbery arrested

Felicia Cummings
The Union-Recorder


Joseph Lee and Joseph Walter Pagan, wanted for armed robbery, aggravated assault and false imprisonment related to an incident that occurred last month on Sinclair Marina Road, were found Friday in Wilkinson County. 

The father and son pair were apprehended sometime between noon and 1 p.m., according to Baldwin County Sheriff’s Department officials.

Both subjects were apprehended by the Fugitive Task Force, Drug Task Force, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and Wilkinson County law enforcement units off of Highway 112 in Wilkinson County. 

"The Wilkinson County Sheriff's Department was investigating a string of burglaries on Highway 112," said Capt. Brad King of the Baldwin County Sheriff's Department. "During their investigation they came across the whereabouts of the Pagans and notified us immediately." 

According to reports, Joseph Lee Pagan, 17, and Joseph Walter Pagan, 39, along with a third suspect entered a Sinclair Marina Road residence Jan. 22, allegedly assaulting the male and female occupants, while demanding money. The two victims were duct taped and robbed of around $300. 

The female victim was able to get free and release the other, according to the report.

The report also states that the female said she recognized all three men even though they wore ski masks. Her statements confirm she knew both Pagan men, and the third assailant was known only to the female victim as “Peanut.”

The woman indicated in the report that she knew the older Pagan because she used to live with him and her ex-boyfriend, who owed Pagan money.

The suspects allegedly brandished a knife and a black pipe, while the unidentified male suspect used some type of long gun during the robbery, according to sheriff’s officials.

Warrants were issued for the Pagans’ arrest on two counts of armed robbery, aggravated assault and false imprisonment for each victim. Additional charges are pending.