The Union Recorder

June 26, 2013

Sheriff’s office investigating home invasion, armed robbery

Felicia Cummings
The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — Detectives with the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office are investigating a home invasion and armed robbery where the culprit, wielding a tire iron, made way with $2,000 in cash — while wearing a clown disguise.

The incident took place between 1:30 and 1:45 a.m. Wednesday, according to the sheriff’s report. 

The owner of a Shady Rest Court residence reported the theft of approximately $2,000 in cash by an unknown man armed with a tire iron. According to Capt. Brad King, the victim told detectives that after a group of friends he had over left the residence, he noticed that an unspecified amount of money was missing from his wallet. 

“The victim then went into the kitchen where he admitted to us that he kept his money inside various dishes,” said King. 

After placing a fair amount of money into his wallet, the victim went back into the living room, where he was confronted by an unknown man, holding a tire iron and demanding money. The offender was described as wearing clown face paint to disguise his identity. 

“The victim told the offender that he wasn’t going to give him any money, and a scuffle ensued between the two men,” King said. 

During the physical altercation, the victim managed to get the tire iron away from the subject. 

“The offender then ran into the kitchen, knowing beforehand the location where the man kept his money, and proceeded to start breaking dishes until he found the rest of the man’s money,” King said. 

After obtaining the remainder of the victim’s money, the subject then fled the home. He managed to take the victim’s cell phone and wallet during the previous altercation, which were later located in a ditch outside the home. 

“We have a couple of viable leads, and hopefully we will not have any repeats or copycat cases,” King said. 

King and Detective Chris Youngblood both said they hope to have the case closed within a few days.

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