The Union Recorder

March 14, 2014

PHOTOS: GMC students compete in pi race

Vaishali Patel
The Union-Recorder


Five hundred Georgia Military College Prep School students raced through various stations to test their math skills Friday in commemoration of National Pi Day.

Students paired up in teams of two to solve math problems dealing with pi while racing throughout campus to complete circle challenges, including a hula hoop toss, wheelbarrow race and dizzy bat test.

Pi, approximately 3.14159, is the mathematical constant that represents the ratio of any circle’s circumference to its diameter. Since three, one and four are the first three decimal digits of pi, Pi Day is a holiday to celebrate the mathematical constant in the month/day format- 3/14. Next year on March 14, 2015, the date will reflect five digits of pi.

To view photos from Friday’s “Amazing Pi Race,” visit