The Union Recorder

July 17, 2013

Georgia War Veterans Home welcomes new administrator

Felicia Cummings
The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — Greensboro native Dennis Mize has been named to new administrator of the local Georgia War Veterans Home.

Mize holds a master’s degree in psychology and his previous work experience derives from years of employment at Central State Hospital. 

“I feel he will have a positive effect on the residents and the division as a whole,” said Ernie Simons, director of Health and Memorials. 

“His experience will bring a lot of knowledge, wisdom and resources that we can use here at the Georgia War Veterans Home,” said Simons. 

Although he is a native of Greensboro, Mize has planted family roots here in Milledgeville. Mize, his wife, and his six children all live in Milledgeville and attend Heartland Baptist Church.

According to Simons, residents and staff are both pleased with the move to bring the new administrator on board. James Armstrong, a resident, said he is impressed at Mize’s immediate care and attention to bringing in more veterans and implementing new programs for the residents.  

“The residents that I spoke with are optimistic about the new administration,” said Armstrong. “He says that there are vacancies at the home and he is working on applications already to get the veterans that need to use the home here where they belong.” 

Simons said he is excited about what the future holds under Mize’s leadership.

“I look forward to working with him and I can’t wait to see the new programs that will come into the Georgia War Veterans Home under his administration,”  Simons said. 

Mize said he is ready to apply his extensive knowledge about veteran care to the veterans’ home in order to create a better environment for the residents. 

“I want to use all the resources available to improve our resident’s quality of life,” said Mize in a release. “I want this home to be a place veterans want to come to.”

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