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September 5, 2013

Palmer pleads guilty around infant’s death

Kyle Collins
The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — Concealing an October 2012 infant death landed the mother with prison time Tuesday.

Brittany D. Palmer pleaded guilty to making false statements and concealing the death of another in the Baldwin County Courthouse, according to Ocmulgee Judicial Circuit Chief Assistant District Attorney Stephen Bradley.

Palmer was living with her parents, when her father discovered a buried infant in their back yard Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2012.

“The folks at the crime lab performed an autopsy. We spent a lot of time on this case looking and talking to the scientists involved, and they were very clear. They said ‘we’ll never be able to determine whether or not this child was born alive’,” Bradley said. “We have no evidence this was a homicide. It’s likely the child was a victim of stillbirth. All we can prove is that Ms. Palmer lied about the infant that was deceased and concealed the death.”

Both charges are felonies. Palmer pleaded guilty and received a seven-year sentence.

She is expected to move to a women’s detention center in four to six months to serve her time.

Bradley said the case challenged all parties.

“It was hard on everyone involved because of the tragic circumstances,” the assistant DA said.

The incident occurred at a Lakemere Lane address. Palmer was 23 years old at the time.

Capt. Brad King of the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Department and Todd Crosby of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation reported to the crime scene.  

According to the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office report last fall, Palmer gave birth to the infant in the bathtub, where the child drowned during birth. The family was believed to be unaware of the pregnancy. 

According to sheriff’s officials, the child was buried behind the home until discovery at 7 p.m. the following day. 

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