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November 18, 2013

VIDEO: Eagle Ridge sport stackers take part in world record

Vaishali Patel
The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — Eagle Ridge second graders went cup crazy Thursday as they took part in what Guinness World Records terms the “World’s Largest Sport Stacking Event.”

Tens of thousands of sport stackers from across the United States and around the world stacked and down stacked various pyramids in prescribed patterns at lightening speed for at least 30 minutes during the eighth annual World Sport Stacking Association’s (WSSA) STACK UP!. Sport stackers from various countries, including Hungary, Germany, Israel, South Korea, New Zealand, Columbia and Taiwan, contributed their skills to help break the world record.

“Since this is our first time participating, we’re on the training level, but we’ll break some records next year,” said Audrey Bundrage, second-grade teacher. “We integrated physical activity into it with hopscotch, a relay and other fun physical activities.”

Around 140 Eagle Ridge students raced against the clock to stack 12 specifically designed cups called Speed Stacks in predetermined sequences. Sport stacking with Speed Stacks is in more than 37,000 schools and youth organizations worldwide. It’s appealing to teachers and students because it’s easy to learn but very challenging to master. 

“This improves their math skills, hand-eye coordination and concentration,” Bundrage said. “It’s exciting and challenging. This is something new to us, but we’re definitely going to try to keep this going.”

Last year, 483,658 stackers participated to break the previous year’s STACK UP! record of 412,259. This year, sights were set on 500,000 stackers participating as sport stacking with Speed Stacks continue to gain popularity around the world.

“Sport stacking is an activity enjoyed by all ages and cultures. It promotes hand-eye coordination, fitness, teamwork, speed and lots of fun,” said WSSA Founder and CEO Bob Fox via press release. “This is the eighth year we’ve teamed up with Guinness World Records, and we’re excited to have another shot at breaking a world record.”

To take part in the record-setting STACK UP!, schools and organizations around the world are required to register 25 or more stackers with the WSSA.  Once a group completes the 30 minutes of stacking for each participant, the organizer and a witness are required to send in an online verification of numbers to the WSSA, who will pass on the total count to Guinness for official recognition.

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VIDEO: Check out Eagle Ridge sport stackers.