The Union Recorder

November 5, 2013

UPDATE: City Election results

Kyle Collins
The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — The City of Milledgeville wrapped up its 2013 elections Tuesday evening.

Minus one position, Walter Reynolds, District 4, City Council and mayoral race winners were all incumbents.

Denese R. Shinholster defeated challenger Phillip Smith Tuesday 137 votes to 50 votes in the District 3 race. Richard "Boo" Mullins Jr. defeated challengers Pam Beer (64) and Daniel McDonald (70) with a total of 235 votes for the incumbent. Steve Chambers, District 6, defeated challenger Andrew Strickland 234 votes to 151 votes. In the mayor's race, Richard Bentley tallied 880 votes to John Grant, Jr.’s total of 259.