The Union Recorder

October 10, 2013

Feature film uses downtown Milledgeville scenes

Kyle Collins
The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — Hancock and Wayne streets were bustling this Tuesday through Thursday with film crew action.

Creekside Films in conjunction with Glass Door Entertainment are using Milledgeville for numerous scenes from the feature family adventure film "Crimes & Mr. Meanors."

Locations include state Rep. Rusty Kidd's office space, the front of City Hall and others along the Wayne Streetscape. The crew will also use the basement of the Community Visitors Bureau and two Central State Hospital locations when local filming resumes next week. Capital City served as base camp for actors and crew.

Through film, the city will transform into Alexandria, Va. Two young teens find themselves caught up in a mystery involving a missing scientist and a street performer who is convinced he belongs in the 1700's. The young teens must find the scientist before it's too late--and before hostile opponents can stop them for good. Along the way, they learn lessons about America and the conservative, godly principles our country was founded upon. Washington, D.C. was used for the movie as well.

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