The Union Recorder

April 17, 2013

Trash task force being formed

Kyle Collins
The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — County Manager Ralph McMullen updated the Baldwin County Commissioners on the trash task force in Tuesday’s board meeting.

“We have contacted a large number of partners that we feel are very interested in this trash task force, and believe it or not these individuals are very excited about it,” McMullen said.

The trash talk started in a late February work session when commissioners asked Advanced Disposal what changes could help reduce roadside waste. Henry Craig, District 4, said then the current refuse policy isn’t meeting the need saying the community is “drowning in trash.”

McMullen said the county contacted law enforcement, Advanced Disposal, the Georgia Department of Transportation, court, education and economic development representatives to join the effort. The county manager hopes to get folks from GMC, John Milledge Academy and Georgia College on the task force also.

“We want to include education and all of the enforcement agencies along with judges because you’ve got to have both to make a difference,” McMullen said.

Sammy Hall, District 3, suggested inviting Baldwin Court Judge Alan Thrower to the trash party to cover the prosecution for litter offenders.

“It won’t do us any good if we get this great army of people to go out and write tickets if nobody will do anything about it,” Hall said. 

The first trash task force meeting should occur within a few weeks time. McMullen urges local media and citizens to attend. The task force meetings are expected quarterly until the some of the issues are resolved.

Craig wants to make sure community members can participate in these events and discussions. Commissioners worried the board chambers might not be large enough for the crowd. 

“We’ve done some of these things in the past but it seems like a lot of things have fizzled over time, but I believe in sustained effort with these groups and reenergizing the Keep Baldwin Beautiful,” McMullen said Tuesday.

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