The Union Recorder

August 28, 2013

Council approves tastings at new growler

Vaishali Patel
The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — Milledgeville City Council adopted an ordinance Tuesday amending the alcoholic beverage section of the city's code of ordinances to allow for wine tasting and growler malt beverage tasting.

Gil’s Package Store owner Andy Patel is opening Top Dawg Growlers in early September in hopes to provide limited and safe sampling of alcoholic beverages while affording customers the ability to make educated decisions on what craft beer or wine they will purchase.

“A growler is not a unique thing. Growler may be a foreign word, but micro breweries are very popular now,” Mayor Richard Bentley said to Council during Tuesday’s work session. “This [business person], who already obtains an alcohol license, would like to open up a growler and allow customers to taste a beer before they buy it. As you know, there is some effort in the state to allow other tastings … but there are some limitations.”

Top Dawg Growlers, opening in early September, will be located on North Columbia Street. The growler will feature 25 taps of craft beers, ciders and sodas on-the-go.

Customers can purchase a reusable bottle, ranging in size from 32 ounces to a 2 liter, to fill up draft beer of their choice. The bottle is then sealed to take on the go and can be brought back for refills. 

According to the city’s ordinance, growler malt beverage tasting can only be conducted at a counter area dedicated to no more than 10 percent of the entire floor area of the premises. Sampling for customers is limited to no more than one time per day per customer. Samples cannot exceed 2 ounces, and no customer can consume more than 8 ounces in any two-hour period.

The holder of an ancillary growler malt beverage tasting license cannot charge for samples or tastings, but can accept donations for a charitable organization of their choice.

The annual fee for an ancillary wine tasting license is set at $300 annually in addition to the cost of obtaining an alcohol license.

In other business, Council:

• passed a resolution to authorize the mayor to enter into a memorandum of understanding on behalf of the city with David Sinclair of Solar Zones LLC for the lease-purchase and repurposing of the Shaw Building.

• agreed to enter into a Governmental Pole Attachment License Agreement with Georgia Power Company to allow decoration attachments for the upcoming holiday season. The City of Milledgeville currently uses Georgia Power owned utility poles for span-wire attachments for five off-system stop-and-go traffic signals and four warning beacons. The city also uses Georgia Power poles to mount 20 seasonal holiday decorations. Plans are to add around 21 new decorations, but the power company wants to have an agreement outlining terms and conditions governing the use of their poles, including marking, maintenance and removal.

• approved Constance Pitirri’s request to serve beer, wine and distilled spirits at the annual gala of the Oconee Regional Healthcare Foundation slated Saturday, Sept. 21.

• appointed Sandra Wallace as the new resident commissioner of the Milledgeville Housing Authority.

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