The Union Recorder

December 20, 2013

Pilot Club provides peace of mind

Vaishali Patel
The Union-Recorder


Cindy Nunn always worried her daughter’s passion for outdoor exploration would one day get her lost. To provide the Nunn family a peace of mind, they purchased a Care Trak bracelet for Lisa, who was born with an intellectual disability.

“There were several instances when my husband and I we’re out in the yard doing yard work ... and I thought he was watching her and he thought I was watching her and neither one of us would realize she would just go off for a walk,” Cindy said. “The Care Trak bracelet has been such a blessing to us. It makes us feel good to know that if we do get separated from her, we can find her fairly quickly.”

A Care Trak bracelet is a waterproof tracking device, which can be worn as a bracelet or ankle band. Each Care Trak bracelet has specific radio waves identified with the bracelet which can be pinpointed through the Sheriff’s Office.

The Pilot Club of Milledgeville uses a portion of funds raised through its many events and initiatives to help provide Care Trak bracelets to individuals in need. The John Milledge Academy Anchor Club, the affiliate organization to the Pilot Club, also helps purchase Care Trak bracelets as one of its many service projects.

“There are so many Alzheimer and dementia patients in Baldwin County, and the Care Trak bracelets are one of the things we have purchased for the county to use,” said Patricia Wilkinson, treasurer of the Pilot Club. “The cost to buy the bracelet is $250. If a person can’t financially afford it then we will provide it to them, but they would still be responsible for replacing the batteries every month, which costs about $5.”

Lisa was the first person in Baldwin County to wear a Care Trak bracelet.

“The Care Trak bracelet has really been insurance for us,” said Cindy, advisor of the JMA Anchor Club. “Since we got the bracelet, there have been a couple of times that I thought I would have to call the Sheriff’s Office, but fortunately we were able to find her before we had to make the call.”

Pilot International was founded in 1921 as a volunteer service organization, states the Pilot International web site. Pilot members are business and professional leaders who have the desire to help people in need and to make the world a better place to live. Since 1991, the service focus of Pilot International has been helping people affected by brain related disorders and spreading prevention and safety tips to families in communities.

“It gives a caregiver a sense of mind if their loved one wanders off. With the Care Trak bracelet, we can track them and find them within an hour,” Wilkinson said. “Don’t lose a loved one.”

For more information about the Pilot Club, or purchase a Care Trak bracelet, contact Wilkinson at 478-363-1474.