The Union Recorder

June 2, 2012

Outraged at antics of Commissioners

The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — It is refreshing to read Rep. Rusty Kidd’s letter detailing the eternal ignorance of our county commissioners (Emily Davis, Linda Fussell, Sammy Hall, Faye Smith, Bubba Williams) on dealing with the public swimming pool issue.

I do wish those meetings were publicly broadcasted live on the Internet so we could all see the our elected officials at work. I hope the citizens of Baldwin county throw the whole sorry lot out at the next election. I know I would prefer the antics of fictional Mayberry from the Andy Griffith TV show — at least those situations usually resulted in something good for the populace.

Since the county commissioners have installed the private garbage collection company to “collect” our garbage at considerable expense to us, the convenience centers have started being closed, one by one. And the convenience centers proved they were the best detriment to trash and garbage on sides of roads, yet the smart county commissioners decided to not only tamper with success, but smash it to smithereens!

I am outraged that this small group of puffed-up elected officials could wreak this kind of senseless havoc on the whole lot of us residing in Baldwin County. Who else is mad enough to do something about this outrage?

Judy S. Veal Lawrence