The Union Recorder

December 4, 2013

Community remembrance event successful

The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — The ninth year of the “9-11 Community Kids Party” was once again a huge success and it was all thanks to the support of the Milledgeville local businesses. Every year, in remembrance of Sept. 11, 2011, local children get together to enjoy food, games, swimming and numerous other fun activities. The hosts of this annual event, including Roxanne Conner and Beyunka Jones, would like to express their gratitude to all the businesses that donated so generously to the cause.

The majority of the Milledgeville establishments that were approached to participate in the Community Kids Party were once again more than eager to contribute and they did so graciously. There are so many examples of the abundance of goodhearted people that it would take all day to thank each and every one personally, but to name just a few, Happy Times definitely lived up to its name by providing rent free inflatable bouncers, which never fail to be a big hit. The Milledgeville Fire Department on West Thomas Street sweetened the raffle pot a great deal by presenting three bicycles! Pizza Hut, Dominoes and Papa John’s gladly offered up 10 pizzas each and the young locals didn’t miss a slice. James Fish and Chicken also came through once more with a great deal of candy and every car dealership in the city did not disappoint with their charitable offerings. Both the CVS stores were quick to help out thanks to Mr. Ray and Ms. Sarah who cordially included their stores in the festivities. Walgreen’s stepped in to lend a hand along with LongHorn, Golden Corral and Pamlico Pools. Jen’s bakery did not fail to deliver with the most delicious cakes and Ms. Georgia joined in with her face painting talent. Also a special thanks to Serenity Salon and Joey Pearson. The 42nd Floor benevolently added their very stylish, custom T-shirts to the mix, and to top it all off, the 9-11 Kids Community Party was set to its very own soundtrack courtesy of DJ D-Boy Showtime. The organizers of the annual 9-11 remembrance and community gathering wish they could mention everyone that unselfishly played a part in making this year another success, and hope there are no participants who feel left out.

All parties involved played a major role in showing the children what a real sense of community feels like. Please excuse the delay in getting this thank you message out as one of the leaders of this event was distracted soon after the festivities ended with the blessing of a healthy newborn grandbaby.

Roxanne Conner and all of the hosts of the party are very pleased with the generosity of all the participants and wish to express their utmost appreciation to all the citizens of Milledgeville for doing their part in creating their ninth successful Kid’s Party. They hope to see you all again next year and until then they wish you the best.

Roxanne Conner

Beyunka Jones

Katrina Knowles