The Union Recorder

December 2, 2013

Representative disappointed with voter turnout

The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — The voter turnout for our city election earlier this month, to say the least, was worse than atrocious. Only 20.36 percent of registered voters voted.

Only 1204 out of 5914 registered voters care who runs our city government, spends our tax dollars, make decisions to raise our taxes and other decisions that effect you and me daily.

The electronic age we live in today gives every elected city official a list of who voted and who did not vote. I also have the list, not how they voted but who voted.

Remember the saying, “Those who do not vote can’t complain.”

Well if you did not vote you might know why your city council person does not return your call for you no longer have the right to complain about your city taxes, your city police, trash service, water service. You no longer can complain about salaries of city employees. You no longer can complain about the road in front of your house needing repair. The list goes on and on and you have no right to complain!

Next time maybe you will care enough to exercise one of your hard earned freedoms and get off the couch and vote – then complain.


State Representative Rusty Kidd