The Union Recorder

May 24, 2014

KIDD: 'Shop local — spend local' should be more than a saying

The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — As I stated at the Baldwin County Chamber Eggs & Issues Breakfast this past Wednesday, I am mad. Mad that our businesses that make their living from the local residents of Baldwin County choose to add or build new buildings and not hire one person from Baldwin County.

Even our City and County governments hire outside county contractors and workers. Even buy furniture for the newly renovated city building from outside Baldwin County. Do not our city government leaders and our business people know that money spent locally turns over seven times towards our economy? Spend $100,000 and it represents to our local economy $700,000, spend $2,000,000 and it represents $14,000,000 to our local economy.

We all say “shop local — spend local” and as one resident, I get down to almost giving out of gas before I cross the river bridge to buy gas.

Our community will thrive and existing business grow if we shop and spend local.

New businesses will be attracted to Baldwin County if they see we shop, spend and build locally.

Patronize those who spend locally — I do and will continue to shop and spend local.


Rep. Rusty Kidd