The Union Recorder

April 9, 2014

GRIFFITH: Citizen questions Kidd's committee

The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — I read Rep. Kidd's lengthy article in the March 29-31 edition of the Union-Recorder about providing the community with the information needed to make an educated decision about the consolidation of city/county governments. He stated that he had selected a seven-member committee which will help produce the "best document without political involvement." He further stated that this committee was composed of "a group of businessmen who have no axe to grind."

While I have made no decision personally whether to vote for or against the issue, several questions were raised by some of Rep. Kidd's statements.

First, he indicated that he selected a committee of community businessmen. Several of the individuals he named are not business people, so does that mean that they have "an axe to grind" or some other agenda? It is probably a broad assumption, on his part, that because someone is in business, he/she would have no personal interest in the impact consolidation might have on the community as well as on business within the community.

Second, as I understand it, local legislation has to be approved by both the state house and senate. There was no mention made of Sen. Jones' involvement. Perhaps he would have wanted to appoint members to this committee as well as be involved himself.

While I think the community is best served by an inclusive representation of its citizens, the fact that some selected members of this committee are not in business means Rep. Kidd has failed to fulfill his original objective thus excluding a segment of this community already.

Nathalie Griffin