The Union Recorder

March 5, 2014

KENT: City resident challenges 'rich' label

The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — I am not “rich people.” Let me state that again. I am not “rich people.” I am, however, a city of Milledgeville homeowner with two water meters – one for my home and one for my irrigation. I paid for the installation of the second meter. Additionally, I pay Milledgeville $12.89 base each month for this second meter. I pay this amount each month as the price for having the meter not for water usage. For the City Council members, this means I pay even when I don’t use any water. If you want to get picky about my irrigation system then say anyone who waters their lawn with irrigation is “rich.”

Now, let’s discuss my primary water meter and cost of water, sewage and garbage. As a single person, I usually only need trash pick-up once each month. Also, I don’t use as much water and sewage as an entire household.

If the Milledgeville City Council really wants to get picky then why don’t we have trash pick-up that weighs the trash and charges for more trash. As a single person who recycles, that would seem fair to me.

Milledgeville City Council wants to be fair and have users pay their “fair” share. I have never had a child in school in Milledgeville and I’ve never utilized Recreation Department yet I pay for each. I would support local schools (along with free breakfasts and lunches), Recreation Department and public library even if I had a choice. But by standards of Milledgeville City Council, I’m supporting people who don’t pay enough for the usage of these services.

I’m not happy with the Milledgeville City Council. But I will give compliments to the City of Milledgeville Water Department. They have always been helpful, knowledgeable and polite whenever I have dealt with them.


Sherri Kent