The Union Recorder

July 4, 2012

Gay discrimination not same as racism

The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — No doubt, a lot of readers would state that they are not racists and are against skin color bias. And there are those who can recount work they have done in effort to eradicate racism.

If the removal of racism has been a noble cause, why are many who have fought so hard to eradicate it now trying to undermine all their efforts?  

It is being undermined by allowing homosexuality to ride on the back of civil rights for blacks, thus exalting the sin to the nobility of the colors of the skins of blacks. Homosexuality is a terrible moral crime in the sight of God. But the color of one’s skin is not. If the sin of homosexuality is truly equal to the skin colors of blacks, and since homosexuality is a moral crime, then there’s good reason for America to continue to discriminate against blacks because of the ignominy of their color.  

Those who place civil rights of homosexuality on par with civil rights for blacks make an argument for the continuation of racism. Blacks should be highly offended by society equating a terrible sin to the color of their skin.

Robert T. Lee