The Union Recorder

February 8, 2014

Family urges focused community unity

The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — Both my wife CC and I have become more and more concerned during recent times of the division that appears to be developing among members of our community.

CC and I have now lived in the Milledgeville and Baldwin County community for just over three years and we have enjoyed making new friends and becoming involved in trying in a number of ways to support our community way of life by investing both our time and our money.

It is an obvious and a well known fact CC and I are a mixed couple and I do not just mean that she is of American nationality and I am of Scottish nationality, it goes a little bit further, she is of color and I am white. Race/color makes no difference to us in any shape or form, we are man and wife and we love and respect one another and after all, that is all that really matters.

We appreciate we are “different” and we are placed by the “few” in the bracket of being in the minority. We understand this as there are only a very limited number of mixed marriage couples who live in our community. However, the view taken by the “few” makes absolutely no difference to CC or I and we remain very positive and encouraged by the fact that we have acquired many close and new found friends.

When we moved to Baldwin County and invested in the community by buying our home here, we truly thought we had made the correct move, however doubt has been cast by the recent actions and words of some community members, as it would appear there is an attempt to turn the clock back by 50 years and to split our community by driving a “them and us” wedge right down through the middle of it. It would be tragic if this was allowed to happen and it is in this regard CC and I wish to make a “special plea to all” in Milledgeville and Baldwin County.

To succeed in progressing matters in a positive manner that will bring maximum benefit to our community, it is very important that we work together in harmony and guide our elected officials to govern and make decisions in the best interest of the community at large.

Under democratic rules all members of a community have the right to have a voice. The correct time to express your point of view is at the regular meeting times in both the City of Milledgeville City Hall chambers and in the Baldwin County Commissioners county building meeting room and, of course, ultimately at the ballot box at election time. It will cost you as a citizen just a little bit of your time to be heard and to make your point on any matter you feel strongly enough about to express your views and opinion.

The Mayor, City councillors and County commissioners are the common denominator in dealing with local government issues, problematic or otherwise. Let your voices be heard and assist in our local governments decision-making process. It is the duty and responsibility of caring members of our community to become actively involved to ensure our community does not fall into the category of becoming a “them and us” community. We are all equal as far as the true meaning of democracy is concerned and it your right as a citizen to be heard and to be allowed to vote accordingly.

Please, for a better future for our community, we must come together. let us be positive and respectful and work together as colleagues, neighbours and friends.

In conclusion and in the words of one of the world’s greatest political leaders, Sir Winston Churchill, first World War veteran and former Prime Minister of Great Britain (1940 to 1945) and an Honorary Citizen of the United States of America: “United we will stand, divided we will fall.”


David and CC Sinclair

Citizens of Baldwin County.