The Union Recorder

February 1, 2014

Community members thank good Samaritan

The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — We just wanted to share a unique experience we had last Sunday, Jan. 19. After an early morning church service, we stopped at the Huddle House on Roberson Road. We had a great breakfast and after heading home, we both realized neither one of us had paid the bill nor even recall being handed the bill. Thinking that everyone at the restaurant would think that we were trying to stiff them, we immediately did a U-turn and headed back to pay our bill. We ran into the Huddle House and went straight to the waitress and cashier with money in our hands. They both laughed at us and said your bill has been paid. We asked, “So when we walked out without paying the bill, someone picked it up for us?” They replied that it had been paid for by another customer while we were eating, and that was why they never brought us a bill.

We were really taken back and stared at them in disbelief. Not only was someone extremely gracious to us by paying our bill, but the cashier and the waitress could have easily taken the money and we would have never known the difference. Thank you for your honesty.

To the nice unknown gentleman who picked up our bill at the Huddle House, we thank you for your kindness. We were the older couple, dressed in black and wearing the Air Force leather jacket. We appreciate your generosity and want you to know that we will pass it on.


Joni Abelman and Pete Floros