The Union Recorder

January 15, 2014

EVANS: Citizens urges thorough unification exam

The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — I have watched with interest and concern as a very small but determined and well organized citizens group persists in their efforts to force their will upon our city and county officials.

I am referring to the charter writing committee which has been relentless in its efforts to pressure our county commission and city council into placing the government unification request on the ballot. This proposed charter represents a monumental change in the manner in which Milledgeville and Baldwin County are governed and wisely enough our city council and county commissioners have refused to be forced into making a hasty decision.

This proposed charter is a skeletal document packed full of goals and promises but offers no specific figures, supporting data or factual analysis to provide assurance that these promises can be achieved in a cost effective and efficient manner.

The charter committee is demanding that our elected officials endorse this mere outline and develop the necessary specifics later, not a good way to do business.

At best, this document should serve as a vehicle to facilitate a more detailed discussion and examination as to the feasibility of simply consolidating services through mutual agreement, versus the complex and costly task of building a completely new government.

It was very disturbing to read in The Union-Recorder that this small group is threatening to bypass our local elected officials and go to the state legislature in order to have their way. A proponent of the unification charter was quoted as saying, “Let the votes decide.” The voters did decide in the last local election when they elected the commissioners and city council to manage our local government. I trust we will all agree to permit them to do so without outside interference.

I urge our city council and county commission to take ample time to get total community input, and do the necessary research and cost analysis before making a decision on a matter which is so crucial to the future of this city and county.

Hudman Evans