The Union Recorder

May 2, 2012

Creekside child’s home should be investigated, too

The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — I’ve been watching, listening and reading the news about the incident with the 6-year-old at Creekside school and wish to speak in the defense of the school officials and the police department. It was handled, I feel, in the most appropriate way, and here is why. If any of the teachers or school officials had tried to physically restrain the child, then there would have been an outcry that there was overt physical abuse. If she was allowed to continue her rage throughout the building, she could have brought injury to herself, and then there would have been the charge of neglect for her welfare.

School officials had no other choice since the parents could not be contacted but to contact law enforcement. Age, gender or race should have no affect on the school’s policy regarding disorderly students.

The same goes for the police department as far as concern for her safety and the safety of those around her. Any physical constraint would have brought the same scrutiny that the procedure they followed did.

Instead of Mr. Davis calling for a federal investigation into the police handling of this, perhaps there needs to be an investigation into the girl’s home. What kind of TV is she subjected to? What kind of music is she listening to? Is this kind of rage a heath issue or is it perhaps observed behavior? Before we disparage the school or the police, we need to also investigate where this child’s behavior comes from.

Also, where is the concern for the two children she attacked? How are they fairing after this kind of altercation? Where are the press conferences showing concern for them and perhaps their emotional state after being attacked?

It’s real easy these days to blame someone else for the problems we experience, but most of the time we need to look into our own lives, and we might be surprised at what we find.

Russell S. Martin III